There are 4 equal parts to a healthy Sugar Glider Diet Plan including a Fresh Diet, Dry Diet, Fresh Water, and a Calcium Supplement. We recommend a strict feeding schedule at the same time each day, usually in the afternoon or early evening when your glider wakes to begin its nocturnal lifestyle.


* A fresh diet of various fruits and vegetables are a wonderful choice. However, we strongly recommend you feed only one item per meal. This will help you monitor intake and favorite choices.


Apple Lettuce Peaches

Banana Melons Pears

Carrot Orange Peas

Grapes Papaya Sweet Potato


* Dry food items are considered free feed items and are usually readily available in the habitat at all times for your glider. Most acceptable dry food mixtures contain an approximatle 25% protein base.


* Some believe that cat food is good for dry food for a sugar glider, but it is not… Please DO NOT feed your sugar glider any cat food! Please limit nuts as special treats only, not as a daily diet. They should be hand fed to monitor their intake, not simply left in the cage.


* Fresh water is crucial. Sugar Gliders can become dehydrated quickly, even after one day. A fresh feed dispenser water bottle should remain in the cage at all times and changed frequently. Feed dispenser water bottles allow easy access to the fluids inside by simply nudging the nozzle. Fluids should only release a drop at a time. If you notice the bottle empties rapidly or leakage in the bottom of the cage, please replace the bottle quickly to avoid cage contamination.


*Although some recommend a water dish be added to the cage, we suggest only having one available in your presence because they can become easily contaminated if left alone during free play.


* A Calcium supplement is easily applied to wet foods. For food quick applications, we suggest replacing the container with a household salt shaker. It is easier to apply to fruits/vegetables and it will last much longer.