Some Considerations Before Becoming Owners of Gliders & A Helpful Quiz.  Please take time to answer a few questions for yourself before purchasing your Sugar Gliders:   Can I afford a Sugar Glider and habitat? (Plan on spending a minimum of $200-300 in start up costs for one glider with a regular monthly maintenance of $6-10 depending on the diet you choose.)   Do I have the time?                                              (1-2 hours daily to spend bonding and training)   Are you at the age of responsibility to care for a pet on a daily schedule? (We do not recommend Sugar Gliders for small children, but they can make a great family pet if the family members agree to a care plan and responsibility for the animal)     Do you have the space? (Space for a cage in your home, as they are an indoor pet)   Are you allergic to Sugar Gliders? (In most cases we have found that common allergies to small animals do not apply to Sugar Gliders, but it is an issue to explore and be aware of before purchasing a glider.  Visit a breeder and see if you have a reaction)   Do you want a baby or a rescue?   (Older gliders placed from rescue do require more time to re-establish trainable behavior and develop a relationship. Babies are far easier to train because they have not developed bad habits as of yet)     Where should I buy my Sugar Gliders?

1. Is this person USDA licensed by federal law to sell, donate, or give a way Sugar Gliders? (Simply ask the breeder for their license number to verify their license matching their name or call USDA and ask)

2. What am I getting with my purchase of my gliders?  (Are they providing information on the care, feeding, and habitat?  Are they including sample foods or diets for you to begin a healthy regiment?  Are they providing references, such as books, booklets, of continual care?)

3. Is the breeder helpful with all my glider concerns? (The best way to find out if this is the breeder for you is to call them and present different situations that a glider may have, if they take time to answer your questions or are willing to work with you to find solutions-you found your breeder.  They will be just as willing to help you with your pet on a continual basis as they were with a stranger)

4. What guarantees come with my glider? (Sugar Gliders should come with a written health guarantee.  Most young gliders die within the first 30 days due to premature weaning.)

5. If also purchasing a cage, what comes with my purchase package? (Simple cages range from $50-200 depending on the source and extras included.  It is recommended that you purchase main properties of the cage with the cage.  Example: litter tray, some water bottles – that are custom made to fit your cage.  However, a wonderful deal can be made at purchase with complete cage packages.  Keep your eyes open for values.)      Please take time now to review the FAQ section for more detailed information before purchasing your new pets.