Caring for Sugar Gliders is not for everyone. It requires discipline and thinking of the good of the pet versus your own needs. You have to know your pet, its history and health habits, as you would know anyone in your care.

Providing a proper habitat, climate temperature, nutritional diet, sleep schedule, and recreational exercise, should equal socialization and attention for this pet. It is better to raise Sugar Gliders in pairs for companionship. However, you must spend time daily with your Sugar Glider. It is almost like raising a toddler for up to 15 years. They must become a member of your family with love and supervision.

At least 2 – 3 hour a day should be devoted to handling your glider if you desire a well trained pocket pet. Each day, you will have to feed your glider a serving of fresh foods and check their water and dry food supply. Their cage must be cleaned at least once a week. You also should factor in a regular schedule of nail trimming.

It is very important that you consider the length of your commitment before you bring a Sugar Glider home to join your family.

The Georgia Sugar Glider Connection provides each new pet owner with a printed reference guide for care and a 15 day health guarantee commitment to ensure the success of each new owner. However, the assistance does not stop after the transaction. The Georgia Sugar Glider Connection is available for questions and to aide as you raise your pet-even if the Sugar Glider you are raising did not come from us!