NORMAL Crabbing and biting or nibbling you, first gliders crab because they are frightened (defensive) –  later they crab when you bother them, such as, waking them when they are sleeping Sneezing into hand & wiping face they are spitting on their hands (not sneezing). The spit is used to groom themselves or others   Jumping toward you or front of cage happy to see you and wants to play. Wants your undivided attention.   Licking you gliders may play with your hair or lick your hands, finger, arms, etc. or rub against you. Congratulations you are a member of the colony.

They also like to groom your hair and even sores that they can access. Peeing and/or pooping on you gliders can’t be housebroken but you can control it some. When you get your glider out rub its bottom  (like a mother dog licking her puppies to stimulate bowel and bladder empting) with a tissue or babywipe until it pees and poops.  Gliders are like us the first thing they need to do when they wake up is go to the bathroom.

Place back in cage for water/food and to use the bathroom again every few hours. This helps but doesn’t solve the problem. In the end it is just part of being owned by a sugar glider. Peeing can also be marking you with their scent.  Tag you are it! lol Male smelling and rubbing female smelling the female colaca or following her around, rubbing his scent gland on her body, head to tail you might say. Most likely she is in heat. Sleeping in a pile they like to snuggle for warmth. They will often wiggle around until they are at the bottom of the pile.  Primo spot! Jumping onto you face that’s a hug – close you mouth and eyes. Joeys just miss sometimes too. Slapping your face